Attention! Tinkercad Retires ESP8266 wifi component

We regret to inform everyone that some required security updates have fundamentally altered the Tinkercad Circuits ESP8266 module's internet connectivity, and as a result, the team has decided to retire the component from Tinkercad Circuits. Unfortunately, closing the back doors that could lead to exploitation makes the module incapable of behaving as it would in a physical circuit.

You'll no longer find the module in the parts bin. Existing designs containing this component will remain accessible and editable as a visual element only, with no internet connectivity.

In case you're interested in the details:

For security reasons, we retired the proxy that was handling wifi requests from the simulator for this module. As a result, if the simulator makes a wifi connection, it will do so directly from the web browser and therefore is likely to hit CORS errors that wouldn’t occur on an actual breadboarded circuit. These will probably appear to the code the same as if the network connection isn’t working (since the browser doesn’t programmatically report CORS errors), but the user should see the CORS error in their network console.

Also, HTTPS is being used to make the requests, because HTTP requests were blocked by the browser. (The code itself is making a regular HTTP request, so again, the results may be different than on a real breadboarded circuit.)

Given the limitations of doing networking in a browser, the team doesn't see many cases that will both function in Tinkercad and match the behavior of the real circuit. It would have to be a site that responds in the same way to requests over HTTP (which is what the real circuit would make) and requests over HTTPS (which is what Tinkercad could make).

We'd love to hear your feedback on the included (and not-yet included) components in Tinkercad Circuits. Thank you!


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