Rounded scribble

I try to make a scribble with rounded edges on top. Seems not to be supported. I manually made the scribble really thin and stacked copies of the first layer on top of each other, each layer slightly smaller than the previous. This way I managed to have my rounded edges but the process was tedious. So I took a look at code blocks but you cannot use your own scribbles there. The idea was to automate the layering of thin scribble layers there. Also, code blocks should support calculating layer sizes quite precisely so that I get a nice rounded edge feel to my scribble. I didn't see that support there with a quick glance. So my questions are: Is there already rounded edge support for scribbles which I just didn't find? How can I import my scribble to code blocks? Does code blocks support evaluating math formulas to scale and position objects precisely? 


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