W, L & H dont make sense

First, what a fabulous system! Thank you.

Now, when placing a block we have 3 input fields for width, height and length.  Labelled W, H, & L

These terms ONLY make sense once the values are known. Let me explain:

Given a rectangle,  the length refers to the long side, and the width refers to the shorter side. Always. If you ask someone what the length of a dining table is, they should give you the long dimension.

In other words, length may never be less than the width.

The three inputs are X, Y and Z  because we can enter any value into X & Y including a value of Y that is > X

If I want to add a block that has a footprint of a portrait photo, I have to enter the 'width' as the length and the 'length' as the width. It is confusing and misleading.

If you simply re-label the three fields as X Y & Z all will be well.


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