Electronic Test Equipment: Adding non-idealities

Hello Autodesk/TinkerCAD,

We are absolutely loving your on-line tool.  We're using it to teach introductory circuits to first-year college students.

One major feature I like about TinkerCAD is that it looks realistic, meaning, circuits looks like they are built in the lab.

I'm finding, however, several key non-idealities are missing when it comes to laboratory test equipment:

1. Function generators have no series resistance, when, in fact, every function generator has a 50-Ohm series resistance.  

2. Multimeters have no series resistance when measuring current.  Typical values are 5-Ohms when measuring current up to 100-mA.  Making this a variable would allow it to measure higher currents.  Regardless, every current meter adds some resistance in series.

3. Multimeters have no parallel resistance when measuring voltage.  Typical values are 10-MOhms.

You might say that adding non-idealities makes things annoying.  Nevertheless, students have to "learn to use laboratory instruments," just like they have to learn to create circuits.

Thank you very much!



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