Where are my students' lessons and projects now?

I logged in today to check my Students' work and there is no longer a tab to check their lessons or projects and they were there just on Thursday when I was checking them off then. What gives? What is going on? What changed? As an educator for 20 years, I feel that whoever designed this was not a teacher and does not really understand our needs. I have been teaching 3D printing and design for 5 years now and designed my own curriculum, but TinkerCad needs some work. You should e-mail or call me for some help and input making it better. But I digress, how am I going to grade their projects and lessons (especially remotely now with distance learning) when I can't get to them anymore. All of my kids in the class' icons have turned blue on the student list so they are ready to go. THanks, CAmeron 

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