Is it possible to bitbang the NeoPixels

Is it possible to bitbang the NeoPixel/ NeoPixel strips using an Arduino in TinkerCad?
I've looked up how people have bitbanged the NeoPixel strips and they all use assembly functions to achieve the precise timing needed to drive a NeoPixel and was slightly overwhelmed by the asm function that I tried to bitbang it with other methods. I used PWM and timers to achieve what i believe are precise enough timings to have bitbanged the NeoPixel strips but alas they remain off. I just wanted to clarify that it is actually possible to bitbang the NeoPixel strips without using the NeoPixel library in TinkerCad before i try wrapping my head around assembly and asm.
Here is a simplified version of what I am trying to achieve, it supposed to be sending 24 high bits then the reset signal to achieve white light; https://www.tinkercad.com/things/jzZuuh1GPVs-simplified-version/editel?sharecode=NQ-Dp25RYdwzHAYFxZIuuRtr3wXoIq6kt3BUzjGssP8
And if it is possible to do would anyone be able to point out what is wrong with my implementation, beyond using PWM to bitbang.

PS. I'm in the terrible habit of not properly commenting my code so if any of it is not explained I'll be glad to try and explain it


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