a little help please?

Hey Y'all,

I understand you are busy. I'm busy too. In spite of being busy, I am expected to respond within 24 hours to any issue that any of the guardians of my 145 students bring up. Yet I have not seen responses from Autodesk for hardly any of these issues brought up in the past month. 

Almost any reply is acceptable. Here are some you can use for free (unless you want to give me a job as Educational Liaison)

  • Tinkercad is currently not configured to do what you ask of it
  • We recognize that as an issue and we are working on it
  • The timeline on this fix has been pushed out X months due to a lack of good coders on FIVER 
  • Whoa! I've never seen that before!

I love Autodesk. I enjoy Tinkercad. I am a longstanding member of Instructables. I even own Autodesk stock! I am only trying to offer some constructive advice from a teacher on behalf of teachers.

Doug Parsons


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