Quick tips for common Tinkercad issues

Having trouble using Tinkercad? Here are some steps you can take at home or classroom to get Tinkercad up and running.


Self-help tips- This checklist can help solve a large number of common Tinkercad issues

     - Be sure you are signed-in - Most of Tinkercad can only be seen when the user is signed-in.

     - Install Chrome as your browser - Tinkercad works best on Chrome. If not Chrome, then use Safari or Firefox.

     - Clear your browser cache - Delete your 'Image and file' cache in your browser settings. After clearing the cache, refresh/reload the page.

     - Approve Tinkercad.com in Kaspersky anitvirus software- Kaspersky can prevent the Tinkercad workspaces from loading correctly.

     - Switch the way you are signed-in- If your designs seem to be missing, try signing-out and back in via email and password, not social sign-in options. If the problem persists, try signing using Google or one of the other social option.

     - Check Parental controls to see if Tinkercad is being blocked- Some filters may not recognize Tinkercad as educational software.

     - Switch to a different device - Tinkercad can also be used on larger touch devices and tablets in the browser. It is also free to download in the iPadOS app store.


Try the Tinkercad Help Center where you can find existing solutions

     - FAQ’s in our Knowledge Base

     - Ask a Community member in the Community Forum 


Problem persists? Contact us directly*

     - Tinkercad support- https://tinkercad.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

     - Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Tinkercad

     - Twitter- https://twitter.com/tinkercad


*When contacting support, provide important details

     - Device type

     - Operating system

     - Browser

     - Description of the issue- what part of Tinkercad you are in and what is happening?

     - Screen grab of the issue or error message

     - What solutions have you already tried?


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