Accessing the Knowledgebase

Why does it seem to have become so impossibly hard to actually access the Knowledgebase in any useful way? I had to resort to finding an email regarding a previous comment I made, clicking on the link in it, and navigating my way from there.

The logical and most obvious way - you would have thought - would be to

1 - Click on "Help centre" in the light orange "Support" panel at the bottom of the Blog page

2 - On the "Help Centre" page, click on the blue "Knowledge base" balloon icon

3 - Click on the blue "General topics" icon

4 - And that should be it, surely?


But no, I get taken to a page with a search box at the top and then the heading "General questions", with a few sample questions below.

The search function is spectacularly useless - type "notes" into it, for example, to find out more about the new Notes feature, and you'd expect to get some results relating to Notes.

But you don't - you get seven search results, NONE of which is about Notes. It's only page 1 of (at least) 6, so you click on "2" to see the second page opf search results and get "96 results for 'notes'" as a heading - but NO MORE SEARCH RESULTS AT ALL, despite it still telling you that there are (at least) six pages.

This is bloody awful - seriously guys, I love TinkerCAD, but this is worse than pointless. I get the feeling that because TinkerCAD is a free program, you've all-but given up work on any support for it.

Or am I doing something mind-bogglingly obviously wrong here?




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