Wrong and Doubtful Portuguese Terms


First of all, I'd like to congratulate and thank the AutoCAD team to allow the world the free use of TinkerCAD. I am an electrical engineer and I use TinkerCAD Circuits for teaching, and in these Pandemic times, I cannot think of a better solution for distance learning. Thank you a lot!

TinkerCAD Circuits itself is perfect for both teaching and pretesting, and what some people may call "missing features" I prefer considering as "non available features". Whatever can be done in the virtual circuit will allow physical prototyping and expansion a lot easier.

Anyway, if you allow me, I'd like to point out that there are some terms used in TinkerCad Portuguese version (I'm native Portuguese speaker and native Brazilian) that are not only misplaced and/or doubtful, but also completely wrong. The Portuguese terms used for replacing "power", "trigger" and other particular terms are not the correct ones, and if you allow me again, I'd like to suggest a review of these terms so native Portuguese speakers that are new to electronics may not be confused with them.

I hope you understand that I truly see TinkerCAD Circuits as a serious learning tool, so my suggestions are just to make it better by having correct terminology where it must be.

Thank you very much.


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