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Hi all!  I'm a teacher trying to get high school students interested in Circuitry/Robotics/Programming/CAD/etc, and I have found TinkerCad to be a super useful and non-threatening way to get them interested!  However, I want to do more with the circuit components, but I don't really know what the parts do, or how they work.

Is there a manual or list somewhere of how the circuit components work?  Like, what the inputs are, how to use them, etc.  For example, the circular LED light component looks interesting, but I don't know what I should be hooking in to "in" and "out" to make it work.  Or the LED display, or the Gas Sensor.  What does B1, H1, A1 do, and how should I connect it up? etc etc etc.  

Let me know if there is such a reference, because I have not found one after looking for a while, or if it's just a little too much to ask for.  ;p

~Buckley Mitchell

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