Dimensions changing on their own

I am using tinker cad to teach framing to my students and I keep running into an issue. I start by creating by studs, then lift them to place a bottom blate underneath, and then add a top plate. I have a ruler placed on the grid to ensure dimensions are consistent. The problem I keep having is that if I select just two of the studs in the wall at the same time and want to change the distance between them I am not only changing the distance between them but somehow am also changing the width of the stud. For example, the studs are separated at 14.5mm apart but I want to bring the studs closer together to be 12mm apart, the studs will move closer together, but instead of remaining 2mm wide they are now 1.79mm wide. This has been incredibly frustrating and I can't seem to find a fix to what I am doing wrong. Any pointers?


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