Allow proper edits in title field

Please, for the love of God, fix the edit facility in the title page!  It's been terrible from the start, and hasn't gotten any better.

I do a lot of 3D printer designs in TinkerCad, and I often go through 3 or more revisions before I get one I like.  When I revise a design, I edit the title to change "My Design Vx" to "My Design Vx+1" (i.e. incrementing the version number by 1).  To do this in any sane entry field, one just highlights the 'x' above and then types in the new number.  However, if you try this in TinkerCad, the highlighting works fine, but when you type the new number, THE ENTIRE TITLE IS REPLACED.  So, to make this work, one has to make sure the cursor is at the end of the title text, then backspace to remove the 'x' and then type in the new version number.

C'mon guys, how hard can it be to make the title field edit process adhere to the same standards for text field edits as every other application on the planet?


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