Object filters: Smoothing, Expand, Contract

It would be really helpful if there would be a way to add special 'effects' or 'modifiers' or however you want to call them to objects (shaps and groups).

It would also elevate Tinkercat to a complete new level!

The main ones that would interest me at the moment are:

This would make an object (shape or group) have smoothed edges with the given radius. Both inside and outside. Meaning a box shape would get rounded edges and corners (like the current radius option on the box), but an L shape would also get the inner 'elbow' rounded.
This effect would get applied to the entire group as a whole (not to the individual parts).
With the ability to smooth shapes you essentially also don't need radius options inside the separate shapes. And it adds the 'radius' (rounded corners, etc) to ALL shapes in 1 go!
But for me I see the power in applying it to groups.

Expanding an object (shape or group) would make the object larger by the given size in all directions.
This works differently than resizing. It's like expanding a selection in Photoshop for instance.
Like adding a layer of the given thickness to the entire object.

The opposite of Expand.
Both the Expand and Contract filters would be really useful if you want to make an object hollow, but keep all sides the same thickness. Resizing doesn't work for more complex objects.

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