Praise and Money?

When I got into 3D printing, I found Tinkercad and enjoyed how easy it was to get started. I've since gone down several different routes learning other more traditional CAD or 3D programs, but I still find myself coming back to Tinkercad because it's so easy to get an idea out of my head and into 3D space. It can even be a bit of a creative challenge to try to figure out how to accomplish some more complicated designs using the primitives on hand. Which led me into Codeblocks, which I also really enjoy and think could be even more powerful than it already is (I think there are already lots of posts on here with good suggestions and feature requests). But I'm sure Autodesk has many plates spinning and the ones that bring in money get the most attention. To that end, I don't wonder if a Tinkercad+ subscription model couldn't be proposed; for some monthly/annual amount you get some deeper scripting capabilities in Codeblocks, maybe early access to new features in the 3D Designs and Circuits sections.

I don't know exactly what the featureset could be or what level of interest it would draw, but it'd be nice to know that Tinkercad might have its own dedicated resources thinking about and designing its future. Either way I'll still be here tinkering and am thankful for what we have today.


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